There is no better place for young people to find opportunities to become independent, self-reliant individuals than team experiences. We strive to provide these experiences in a safe environment while focusing on competing at the highest levels of volleyball in the New England Region.



When my two older daughters played club, we lived in a different Region. My wife and I were both able to coach different teams and watch both my daughters play on their own teams. The experience was wonderful and lifelong friendships were made amongst the athletes and parents. In fact, a group of parents from a 16s team we coached in 2005 recently had a reunion! We share many memories and stories with our daughters and the other families that we still laugh about today.

When we looked for a club that offered the same supportive environment for our youngest daughter’s personal growth and volleyball skill development, we realized that type of club environment was lacking near our home. Hence, we jumped back into running a small juniors club to recreate the success we had previously in upstate New York.


After starting our program in 2015, Coach Ron was approached by the Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA to run youth volleyball classes. The classes were so well-received that they asked us to join forces with them and run a club. We moved our club to the YMCA in 2016 and are incredibly thankful for the partnership. Over time, we have expanded from three teams to six programs this year.


What people say about
the Shock experience

“Our daughter had the best season of club volleyball while at NE Shock. The coaching was phenomenal, and she felt she grew tremendously in her technique and game while under Robin’s coaching. There seemed to be genuine interest from the coaches to see each individual player grow to the maximum of their potential. Ron and Robin’s leadership consistently motivated the girls to work on making the team a cohesive unit that would challenge each other but at the same time would work on making a habit of encouraging and building each other up. Robin was intentional about seeking opportunities to connect our daughter with college coaches and went the extra mile in guiding her through the process of recruiting. It was personal to both Robin and Ron that the players were connected with the right college volleyball program for the individual player.”  

Michelle graduated after playing for Fordham University’s Volleyball Team and is pursuing a career in the field of medicine.

-Alberto and Debbie Rodriguez

“Ron and Robin Sparks are two of the most influential people in my life. I have few role models, some academic, some athletic… But I’ve never had coaches that I loved playing for as much as Ron and Robin (I had them as coaches separately at two different times). They were the perfect mix between push you hard and run you, and encourage you and tell you when you’re doing great. They stayed in my life as motivational guidance throughout my years and even made a 3-hour trip to be there for my college graduation party. Ron and Robin care about their players as they do their kids. Do your kids a favor and have them play for these great coaches.” 

Played at Iona College and is still active in the adult volleyball community.

-Angie Mifsud

“Playing for Ron and Robin Sparks was a big part of my development as a volleyball player. I enjoyed practices because they were structured, competitive, and intense. Everyone was dedicated to the team, and the experience prepared me for college and life.”

America East Player of the Year, 2011, Played Professionally for Brondby Volleyball Club, Netherlands

-Casey Wright